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Shall overcome.
Some day.

Drizzled in a cloudburst of someone’s anger, one comes back home, spilling salty droplets of harshness all 'round.

Still damp with regret, afraid of another downpour.

If only one had carried an umbrella of sympathy, or perhaps a raincoat of patience, and didn’t curse back at the shower of arguments with those uninvited clouds.

Perhaps the weather inside would still have been pleasant.

Right now, I'm afraid of the effects sugar has. I am writing this on sugar. Specifically sugar from the tea I made. A few moments ago, I started tweeting stuff out loud. A thought or two, and little stupidity anew.

A tiny human lifting a huge tea cup.

My decision making system is a "go-getter" in this very moment.
I sent 10 quick consequent messages to my brother telling him why he should learn some programming and have a corner of his own here on this internet. I have been twitching my feet endlessly since I sat down with this cup of tea. Everything was beautiful and normal since the last two days when I didn't have a cup of tea.

Writing of some context- I stopped having my favourite sugary sweet coffee since past 4-5 months. It has been completely okay! :)
But now, as soon as I have tea for once in a week or two, all this happens.

I make the best tea anyways. At least I like to announce that I do.

The cup is now empty.
My fear of the effects of sugar is not.

One asks politely.
Another responds rude.
Third thinks it is funny.
Fourth here wonders why.

A tiny human lifting a huge tea cup.

How well they attract
Carefree of whatever comes between.

Then one flips the side.
The nudge is external
No power on their own,

Oh how well they repel.

Do we look for the pride in a job title before accepting a job? (willingly or otherwise.)

By reading, preparing and planning everything first before starting, or by failing midway and hitting a roadblock you will learn. By doing. By starting. Somewhere.

A tiny human on top of a huge mountain with a flag.

But neither of the two will happen if you do not start.

I’m amazed how beautiful people are, sharing their ways of dealing with adventures of any size.

A tiny human peeking through a huge door.

I believe every life is special. With curiosity to learn about ourselves and the new all around, we shall overcome. Some day.

Unlike everyday, not a single bird is singing this morning.

A tiny human jumping over potatoes holding a huge peeler

After peeling the fourth potato, you’re twice as skilled at the process.

Taking one more sip, I realize that this mug of my favorite tea made by baa is just not ending. Exactly what I want!

A tiny stick figure dancing happily on a cup of tea

And, now while I am typing this, I lifted the mug again and uh-oh! Sigh. Life also seems similarly delicate in these times.

Apologies would be so much better without using a “but”.

A tiny stick figure running in front of a mirror

A mirror could help.

How do we remind ourselves the actual value of others before they’re gone forever?

What if everyone celebrated people who are near them, rather than the ones they see behind a screen?

A weight measuring a human with stack of money

How do we find a balance in how much to speak and how much to express?

A superman stick figure trying to set measure on a scale

Maybe there’s beauty in it’s imbalance.

How do we learn to keep judgements to ourselves, for the truth is not setting either sides of the coin free? How do we learn to forgive in the heat of a moment? How do we accept the truth when the situation doesn’t allow us to do so? How do we learn to not trigger someone unknowingly?

How do we learn to positively communicate opposition on something without coming off as a blind hater?

Sunglass with No-you written on them, A stick figure falling jumping into a pothole named conclusions

How do we learn to present the bitter reality to someone without being mean or sounding plain rude?

How do we learn to be patient and not lose our temper when helping someone who doesn’t want to help themselves and chooses to stay loudly ignorant about them being exploited?

Scissors about to cut a guitar's strings, A stick figure resting near an umbrella with Don't-care written on it

How do we learn to forgive? How do we learn to not expect validation from everyone but self?

How do we learn to come as a help to someone that we need during our most needy moments? How do we learn to hear between the words and read between the lines? How do we learn to know when to do this?

How do we learn to remember the ones that gave us happiness more than the ones who tried and possibly took it away instead? How do we be sure of keeping this world a kind home for the next generation?

When someone is finally happy, back in their stage, do not kill their vibe. Do not interfere their life with your irrelevant knowledge.

A happy balloon flying among the clouds, A stick figure about to throw a sharp arrow at the balloon

Remain calm if necessary. Let the happy people be happy.

Please stop with the meaningless thank yous. This is one of my biggest pet peeves how someone can use the "thank you, ho!" all day without being actually grateful for one single thing.

Be thankful in a way that you describe even a little bit on what the other one's help meant to you. It makes their day! And, that way they know there's some value in it, and they'd be deeply happy to help you again.

The instant "thx m8" stuff can be good for jokes but when something is even a little bit close to a favor where the person is taking time out of their life for you, try being proactive to mention how you're thankful. Describe how their help changed your outcome. This could certainly start with home.

My shortest naps are giving me the worst nightmares where I wake up before the alarm. These mostly consist of violence around. People running in groups with HUGE rocks to thrash onto others, violence on a daughter by her own family, people completely destroying terrace walls.

This needs to stop somehow. It is clearly influenced by the things happening around the world right now. I just don't understand how will we ever reach a point where there is enough peace. A point where humanity can be understood without baseless justifications.

Being a hothead maybe doesn't mean you need to heat it up every time before using it. Anger against any injustice can be put to really good use. But going around destructing someone's mental health or physical belongings and then later faking regret after knowing the truth is not quite right.

Please. "Look before you leap." or, if you've already leapt, think twice of the outcomes and what lead you to doing something so disturbing, so easily. Sincere apologies could convince the affected person to not jump off the cliff.

I swear the affected ones can be capable of equally powerful and destructive revenge. But they somehow manage to take the "there must be a reason" path and choose to see the good in everything. Sadly, this certainly starts with home.

A landline call with 2016 self.

Live for news smells. New feelings. First kind of experiences. New mistakes with the lessons. For knowing life a bit more by meeting new people. Keep the curiosity. Live for seeing new colors and feeling them on you. Around you. Live for new sounds and the chills they bring or for the moods they change. Live for the highs and successes that are bound to come. And for the lows that will keep you humble. Live for trying everything once again in a new way.

Live to get lost while driving your favorite ride. To have near death experiences. Live to express in the most dramatic way to convey how your experience was.

Live to hear your loved one’s breath. To cry for a sport. To find your drug. To quench the thirsts. To feel your best pleasures multiple times. To open your mind a bit more.

Live to learn from your own advices. To compliment yourself. To thank the world enough.

Live to feel the words as they melt you down. To find beauty in people’s tiny things. To appreciate enough. To communicate with eyes. Live to learn and experiment with examples. To accept the existence of variable opinions. Live to gift life.

Live to learn when to put a full stop.