H e l l o !

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Geometric building
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White and black crecent moon
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Curved ring with colorful stones
How do we remind ourselves the actual value of others before they’re gone forever? What if everyone celebrated people who are near them, rather than the ones they see behind a screen? How do we find a balance in how much to speak and how much to express? Maybe there’s beauty in it’s imbalance. How do we learn to keep judgements to ourselves, for the truth is not setting either sides of the coin free? How do we learn to forgive in the heat of a moment? How do we accept the truth when the situation doesn’t allow us to do so? How do we learn to not trigger someone unknowingly? How do we learn to positively communicate opposition on something without coming off as a blind hater? How do we learn to present the bitter reality to someone without being mean or sounding plain rude? How do we learn to be patient and not lose our temper when helping someone who doesn’t want to help themselves and chooses to stay loudly ignorant about them being exploited? How do we learn to forgive? How do we learn to not expect validation from everyone but self? How do we learn to come as a help to someone that we need during our most needy moments? How do we learn to hear between the words and read between the lines? How do we learn to know when to do this? How do we learn to remember the ones that gave us happiness more than the ones who tried and possibly took it away instead? How do we be sure of keeping this world a kind home for the next generation? Everyone understands the world. One better than the other. Far better than I do. Yet why do we fail to understand each other often? 🌻